Dec 18, 2009

Daily Dose of Shoes

My daily Dose of Shoes courtesy of Christian Louboutins and I absolutely love love love the pink sling backs. These are from Christian Louboutin’s Resort 2010 Shoe collection and yeah if anyone wants to buy me an early graduation gift or birthday I'm a size (37.5 in European sizes or 7 1/2 in American) lmaoo.

Mariah Carey Does Lopez Tonight....

I found this a bit interesting, Mariah Carey explaining her ethnicity on Lopez Tonight. I mean, I've always thought she was a biracial butterfly, half white/half black. But according to America and their racist system the "one drop rule" she's black. That date's back to the Supreme Court rulings of Plessy v. Ferguson (you should have learned it in High school or even middle school).

Isn't it funny they don't have biracial as an option when your filling out applications. How come biracial isn't a race? I mean really America is by far the most multicultural and diverse nation in the world. Its the biggest melting pot. We all have all kinds of different blood running through our family. But whatever your parents are that's what you are. So why isn't biracial an option? If one parent is black and the other is white. Why should a child have to choose. What happen if that person identifies more with being white than black? They are now force to check black as an option on a application. Mariah Carey seriously looks like she pass for a white women to me. I can't really tell that she has black in her. Well peep the video below folks.

New Lady Gaga Photoshoot

I'm still trying to understand the look this chick Lady Gaga is going for. I mean I keep hearing she another Illuminati puppet along with some other artists (Rihanna, Pink). But I don't believe everything I read or see on the internet. Whether its true or not I'll form my own opinion. I mean really what if there wrong? Smh However, Lady Gaga is very weird that's all I'll say. Check out this new photoshoot from Lady Gage super deluxe art book from her The Fame Monster album. Kanye West doesn't look bad. I hope he's getting all the help he can.

Sneak Peek of Next Tuesday's Episode of The Bad Girls Club

I can't wait for next Tuesday's episode of the "Bad Girls Club." That Natalie chick is blowing mines seriously, I wish Portia would have gotten up in that a$$. From this sneak peek, I think Portia bust that a$$. Natalie is a punk biotch who pulls hair? What are you in elementary school? This chick talk so much trash, I thought she was one of those fist fighting chicks. The only thing she did was flip Portia and the only reason she was able to flip her is because she was pulling her hair. Even after Natalie flipped Portia, Portia was still able to get hits in. I personally don't think Portia could fight all that well, but she get some cool points for sneak attacking the Jay Leno chin biotch Natalie. You don't talk about people's kids either, so I don't blame Portia for going crazy on the chick. Peep the sneak peek for the next episode. Who do you think won?

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